Leica LN22 Nitrogen Freezing Device

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Leica LN22 Nitrogen Freezing Device

The Leica LN22 liquid nitrogen freezing attachment was designed specifically for use with the Leica RM2265 rotary microtome. Sections of uncompromising quality can be obtained from even the most challenging specimens in the fields of industry and materials research - at section thickness settings between 0.25 and 100 µm and working temperatures as low as -150 °C.

With the Leica RM2265, changing from ambient temperature to low-temperature sectioning and vice versa can be realized quickly and easily.

Key Features

* Open-top cryochamber, LN2 cooled, for condensation free and frost-free sectioning at temperatures down to -150°C
* Backlightning
* Knife holder base for fitting various knife holders
* Standard microtome specimen holder fit straight through the wall of the LN22 cryochamber - hermetically sealed
* Special design ensures maximum sectioning stability
* Control Unit: compact, space saving design with displays and controls for knife, specimen and chamber gas (indication only) temperature in °C, °F and K. Memory with battery backup for all settings. Mimic diagramm. Adjustable voltage selector
* Pressureless automatic filling system: 25 liter LN2 dewar with displacement pump
* Operating temperature range: ambient to -150°C
* Temperature stability: ±1 °C