Leica M125 Stereomicroscope

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Leica M125 Stereomicroscope

The M125 stereo microscope is a newly designed 12.5:1 zoom stereo microscope with spectacular optical performance. The standard magnification range from 8x to 100x provides a resolution of 432 lp/mm. Just think of the good old days with the MZ16 and its resolution of 420 lp/mm was dubbed the world best stereo microscope at that time. Supreme performance is not always the most important requirement: in many routine situations, you simply need a tough, reliable microscope that is compatible with a wide range of accessories. Of course one feature cannot be compromised: the best possible optical quality. The Leica M125 is ideal for many applications that may be useful to you: from presorting mechanical components to analyzing plastics and detailed inspection of printed circuit boards, the Leica M125 provides consistently high-quality, detailed images of your specimens.

Key Features

* Stereomicroscope with large zoom range
* Numerical aperture of 0.288
* Rigid, sturdy mechanical structure
* Parfocal objective nosepiece
* Modular System
* Integrated illumination system LED5000
* Relaxed work
* 10 notched diopter increments
* Apochromatically corrected optics
* Convenient operation under the microscope