Leica M165 C Stereomicroscope

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Leica M165 C Stereomicroscope

New 16,5:1 planapo & coded stereomicroscope

Whenever human lives may be affected, technology must be 100% reliable. For this reason, autopilots in airplanes and trigger mechanisms in airbags, for example, are subjected to stringent materials testing. This testing includes a wide variety of methods used to measure the behavior and material characteristics of standardized material samples or finished parts (component testing) under thermal, mechanical and chemical stress. During the tests, a material is checked for purity, faults or load capacity. The new Leica M165 C and M205 C allow experts in the materials testing lab to see structures smaller than ever before.

Key Features

* Stereomicroscope with zoom range of 16,5:1
* Numerical aperture of 0.302
* Rigid, sturdy mechanical structure
* Encoding
* Parfocal objective nosepiece
* Modular System
* Integrated illumination system LED5000
* Relaxed work
* 13 notched diopter increments
* Apochromatically corrected optics
* Convenient operation under the microscope

The correct observation height
When the observation height of the microscope is matched with the physical height of the user, a few millimeters are crucial. If the user has to change his head position to use the instrument, his entire body will assume an unnatural posture, which may cause headaches, a stiff neck, and reduced work performance. A tube with variable viewing height such as the new ergotrinocular tube solves this problem with a few twists of the wrist.

Completely integrated illuminator
The LED5000 RL ring illuminator is one of the new, fully integrated illumination components, completely controlled on the instrument or using the Leica Application Suite.

The correct posture
Routine work while seated at the microscope can cause tension in the neck and back muscles, in the worst case even postural defects of the spine. All the control elements of Leica stereomicroscopes are arranged for the greatest possible comfort of the user. In this way, they actively combat muscle tension and fatigue.