Leica M165 FC Stereomicrscope

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Leica M165 FC Stereomicrscope

With the TripleBeam® technology offered in the Leica M165 FC, the results of your research will be documented with brilliant, contrast-rich fluorescence images. The 16.5 : 1 zoom optics are corrected fully apochromatically to resolve structures down to a size of 551 nm: classic stereomicroscopy of the highest order. With an encoded zoom, filter changer, iris diaphragm and objective revolver, the microscope configuration and optical data can be read out from the computer at any time: even with a manual microscope, you can be assured that your experiment procedures will be reproducible and consistent.

Key Features

* Never before seen: 3D images of highest resolution and brilliance
* Brilliant fluorescence images, rich in detail and contrast
* Microscopes that grow with your requirements
* Operating comfort and reproducibility through motorization
* Intelligent control with SmartTouch™
* Integrated system solutions make life easier

Intelligent control
With the colored touchscreen of the SmartTouch™ Control Unit, you can control your experiment procedures with a few hand movements and never lose sight of all your important optical parameters. The most important control functions on the control unit can be adjusted to your specific needs with freely programmable rotary knobs and function buttons. Operation is intuitive, so you can concentrate entirely on your research, not on the microscope.