Leica M50 Stereomicroscope

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Leica M50 Stereomicroscope

The Leica M50 stereomicroscope includes precisely reproducible magnification levels for repeated examinations, measurements, drawing or photography of objects under absolutely identical conditions. The five easily selectable positions can be set without removing the eyes from the eyepieces. This ensures that your results remain comparable at all times without great efforts.

Key Features

* Magnification range 6.3-40x
* 5-step magnification changer
* Ergonomic design and accessories: best possible adaptation of the instrument to every user
* High depth of field for observing objects over an extended area
* Modular product range: optimum adaptation of the microscope for the application
* Parfocally matched optical system
* Field number 23 for an even greater overview
* Wide range of achromatic and ­planachromatic objectives
* ESD design prevents damage caused by static discharge