Leica M525 CT20 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M525 CT20 Surgical Microscope

Whether for Neuro-, Spine-, or ENT surgery, the Leica M525 CT20 and accessories provides customized configurations to support the specific surgical needs of the surgeon and his team. Key benefits of the Leica M525 CT20 include:

Finger-light movement
Easy to move, the Leica M525 CT20 stays perfectly balanced over the complete range of movement. This Telescope Ceiling Mounted Microscope additionally leaves free space on the floor, creating maximum freedom of movement. The patient can be accessed from all sides, even when a larger team and more equipment are involved in the surgery.

Best view
A crisp image and a large depth of field allow the surgeon to see more details. The surgeon does not have to refocus frequently, and this is especially important when working in narrow and deep cavities.

Safer illumination
High-quality, safer illumination gives enough light for the deepest operative sites while providing more patient safety.

Save time, stay flexible with ceiling solutions designed by Leica Microsystems.

Key Features

* Surgical microscope for Neurosurgery and ENT surgery
* Premium Leica M525 optics with OptiChrome™
* Observation accessories, like the 180° dual stereo attachment etc.
* Long reach
* Motorized AB-Balancing
* Two 180W Xenon bulbs
* Two independent Xenon power supplies
* BrightCare™, the working-distance-synchronized illumination
* AutoIris™, the zoom-synchronized illumination
* User-friendly control electronics
* Interface for laser micromanipulators
* Leica Zoom Video Adapter