Leica M525 MS3 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M525 MS3 Surgical Microscope

The Leica M525 MS3 is a robotic stand with premium OptiChrome™ optics for neuro-, spine surgery and ENT. Due to the six electromagnetic brakes, the stand can easily be moved in six axes and is also combined with robot movements in three axes.

Easy-grip handles of robust cast metal have been designed for ergonomic positioning. Each handle has an easy-to-operate joystick to activate the motorized XY adjustment of the optics carrier. A 150° inclination range combined with an ultra compact optical microscope allows the surgeon to adjust the position of the microscope comfortably even during extremely difficult operations. Ready for XY-tooltracking with IGS.

A feature of the Leica M525 microscope is AutoIris™ - the coupling of the illumination brightness control to the working distance for even more reliable work at short distances.

Key Features

* Leica M525 microscope with premium OptiChrome™ optics
* AutoIris™ - the coupling of the illumination brightness control to the working distance for even more reliable work at short distancesMotorized 6:1 zoom, speed adjustable
* Motorized focus via multifocal lens, from 207mm to 470mm, speed adjustable
* Motorized XY-movement
* Microscope movement by 100° lateral, and inclination of 150°
* High performance 300-watt Xenon lamp
* Diameter and light intensity of the illumination field continuously adjustable
* Asepsis for all controls and special objective protective glass
* Robust handles
* Robotic floor stand with six electromagnetic brakes
* Long reach: extremely agile swing arm
* Perfect balance: automatic, hidden counterweight
* Quick and easy ABC manual balancing of the microscope carrier
* Control unit Graphic LCD data display with background illumination
* Menu provides up to 8 user-specific configuration with built-in auto diagnostic system
* Laser adaptability
* Selection of different binocular and co-observation tubes
* ISUS – Intelligent Set Up System
* Compatible: prepared for IGS / Leica Dual Imaging
* Tooltracking in combination with IGS-systems

With the feature of electrically driven tilt and inclination movement, the Leica M525 MS3 is clearly placed above the standard of customary floor stands.

The Leica M525 MS3 can be made even more compact by folding it together and requires very little floor space. Unfolding the system for placement around the operating table is simple and easy, as is the balancing.

With the long range of the Leica M525 MS3, the stand fits perfectly into any surgical set up. The flexibility of the stand allows for many positioning options.