Leica M525 OH4 Premium Surgical Microscope

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Leica M525 OH4 Premium Surgical Microscope

Designed and manufactured using superior materials and the highest quality standards, the premium Leica M525 OH4 is built for long service life and outstanding reliability. The Leica M525 OH4 fulfils Leica's vision of providing the best viewing conditions and the greatest maneuverability to enable successful surgery.

The Leica M525 OH4 stand not only complements Leica's M525 optics, but also adds to the overall microsurgical experience with superior movement, innovative illumination and user-friendly features.

Key Features

* Premium Leica M525 optics, with OptiChrome™ technology
* True overhead design for superior reach and clearance
* Complete auto-balance by "push at one-button"
* Intraoperative autobalance
* BrightCare™ safety technology with automatic light control
* Built-in video monitor integrated to the overhead floor stand
* Precision mechanics for unmatched ease of intraoperative movement
* Compact design for ease in transport, placement and storage
* Six built-in electromagnetic brakes
* AutoIris™ automatic illumination field control with manual override and reset function
* Motorized inclination and tilt function
* Robotic ability for tool tracking in combination with IGS systems
* Motorized zoom and focus via multifocal lens, from 207mm to 470mm, speed adjustable
* Two completely independent 300 Watt Xenon arc-illumination systems, with automatic lamp exchange
* Diameter and light intensity of the illumination field continuously adjustable
* Ergonomic, multifunctional handles, optional foot switch and mouth switch control
* Ready for Intra-Operative Video Angiography (ICG)
* Full IGS compatible including the dual imaging system, the Leica DI C 500
* ISUS Intelligent Set Up System
* Quality and reliability by designing to the highest standards applicable

Three Leica safety innovations for the protection of you and your patients

Constant illumination
Two completely independent illumination systems: The Leica M525 OH4 has a 300W xenon arc-lamp illumination system, which provides increased light output and improved reliability and heat control. The back up 300W xenon arc lamp automatically switches on upon the first lamp's failure. This gives the surgeon assurance in knowing that his/her surgery will not be disturbed by a lamp failure.

AutoIris™: Safety for the patient
As magnification increases, the illuminated field of view diameter decreases: The Leica M525 OH4 features a magnificationcontrolled illumination diameter, which provides a field of illumination that is just as wide as the field of view. This prevents potential tissue overheating outside of the surgeon's field of observation. AutoIris™ allows for manual override, as well.

BrightCare™: Light intensity within safe levels, always
As working distance increases, light intensity decreases: With the Leica OH4 M525, the working distance controlled light intensity ensures that the light intensity does not surpass safety levels, especially when working with short distances.