Leica M620 F18 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M620 F18 Surgical Microscope

The Leica M620 F18 is a perfect balance of form and function. Precision optics combined with finest mechanics make the Leica M620 F18 an outstanding choice. Swiss design, quality and precision - the Leica M620 F18 meets the needs of modern day ophthalmic surgery.

The Leica M620 features Leica's exclusive OptiChrome™ optics combined with Leica's exclusive Direct Halogen Illumination system. As a result of more than 25 years of experience in developing surgical microscopes dedicated to ophthalmology, the Leica M620 F18 offers the quality and reliability of a premium surgical microscope at an attractive price/performance value.

The Leica M620 F18 floorstand is compact and moves easily. With the high-quality precision bearings and a long swingarm, the stand is highly maneuverable and easy to set up for surgery.

Key Features

* Original Leica OptiChrome™ optics
* Direct Halogen Illumination
* Instant and stable Red Reflex
* Motorized zoom, focus and XY-unit with adjustable speed and Auto Reset function
* Control unit with multifunctional display
* Individualized user selection
* Special binocular tube, variable angle 5-25°
* Compact base with 4 movable rollers and foot brakes
* Solid durable design
* BIOM capability

Individually optimized Red Reflex
The jalousie, which can be operated in sterile conditions, allows perfect illumination for any surgical situation with optimum contrast and depth of field. It helps to further enhance and optimize the Red Reflex.

Straightforward operation
Leica's touchscreen, built into the floorstand for convenient, easy access, offers intuitive control of all Leica M620 F18 functions. The surgeon can see the microscope's functions at a glance on the screen. Individual user settings can be programmed for each surgeon for the ultimate efficiency.

AgProtect™: Leica's anti-microbial coating for added safety
Leica's antimicrobial nano silver coating, AgProtect™, provides outstanding protection to microscope users by reducing exposure to surface pathogens. Leica's AgProtect™ covers the microscope's outside surfaces and protects the operator and other individuals in the work area by penetrating the membranes of microbes to prevent replication.

Leica Microsystems contributes added safety for its customers, medical teams and their patients through AgProtect™.