Leica M651 MSD Surgical Microscope

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Leica M651 MSD Surgical Microscope

The table top model of the field proven Leica M651 surgical microscope offers beginners ideal conditions for practicing microsurgical techniques. It is equally suitable for advanced surgeons who want to refresh their skills.

The Leica M651 MSD is well known for its peak performance in image definition, depth of field range, stereopsis, light intensity and color rendering: ideal conditions for prospective surgeons to get used to their own hand movements in a magnified image, learn to differentiate between minuscle features and learn to use the finest surgical thread available.

Key Features

* 5-step magnification changer
* Large depth of field range
* Great 3D effect
* Built-in homogeneous and strong halogen light
* Quick-change lamp mount with automatic lamp changer indicator
* Built-in filter holders
* Easy-to-use and stable table stand
* Modular system with selection of different binocular tubes
* Selection of different co-observation tubes
* Adaptability of various video and photo systems

The ever-growing number of participants at microsurgical courses demonstrate how interest in innovative operations techniques is constantly on the increase. Without adequate instruction and equipment, it is hardly possible to make full use of the technical opportunities offered by the surgical microscope.

The Leica M651 MSD is renowned for its clear, sharp images, great depth of field, pronounced 3D effect, high light intensity and its faithful colour rendering. In addition it is designed to carry a broad selection of ergonomically optimized binocular tubes, video and photo accessories as well as co-observation tubes.

These are all ideal conditions for beginners as well as for experts to practice microsurgical techniques wetlabs, workshops and microsurgery courses.

The Leica M651/MS-D is in a class of its own!