Leica M680 Surgical Microscope

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Leica M680 Surgical Microscope

The unique "two-in-one" surgical microscope Leica M680 has been specially designed to provide ideal conditions for two surgeons working together. Leica's unique 2x2 formula is represented by two independent zoom systems and two independent focusing systems with a remarkable depth of field and an outstanding wide field of view.

Besides conventional operating, one push of a button couples the two magnification changers, allowing solo operations to be performed with the Leica M680 while retaining the individual focusing facilities.

Thanks to Leica M680 you simply see better and more.

Key Features

* Leica M680 high-end optics with perfect 3D effect, superb resolution and brilliant contrast
* Four beam paths 2x2 - two for one main surgeon and two for the assistant or additional surgeon
* Remarkable depth of field "four fingers deep"
* Constant light intensity over the whole magnification range that works even when the microscope is switched off
* Two independent motorized 1:5 zoom systems, speed adjustable
* Two motorized internal focus systems, individually adjustable
* Masterfunction - the magnification changers can be coupled and controlled by one surgeon
* Magnification-dependent adjustment of focusing speed and speed of XY movements
* Automatic reset for zoom and focus
* Motorized XY mechanism (tiltable and inclinable), speed adjustable
* Long and short stereo modules, free combination possible (e.g. 1x long module and 1x short module for equidistance or asymmetrical configuration)
* 100% illumination and stereo view for the main surgeon and the assistant both at the identical or individual magnification!
* Quick-change lamp mount with automatic lamp changer indicator
* Foot-handswitches with 12 functions
* Asepsis for all controls

The Leica M680, also known as the "two-in-one-microscope", is full of innovative features, such as the proportional speed (the adjustment speed of the focus drives), and swivelling and tilting joints that are dependent on the selected magnification. With the two independent zooms and two independent internal focusing systems, it is the first instrument to offer ideal solutions for co-operation between surgeon and assistant.

The 2x2 formula brings more individual freedom within the teamwork. Each surgeon can use a hand- or foot-switch to bring the image into focus, and depending on the momentary requirements of the particular user, he/she can engage in either a high magnification for detailed observation or a low magnification for an overall view. The two independent zoom systems can be activated by one touch, and the Leica M680 can be used as a conventional surgical microscope while the individual focusing possibilities remains uninterrupted.

The Leica M680 sets new optical standards, featuring a 50 % increase in the field of view size (122 mm with objective f = 250mm) to give the full overall picture, which reducesor eliminates the need to refocus or reposition. The uniquely high transmissivity of the optical components can be demonstrated with a simple but impressive test. Even with the microscope illuminator switched off, fine structure can be clearly seen.

Ergonomic working conditions at the Leica M680 are not a matter of chance, it is the design concept. The combination possibilities with the long and short stereo modules solve all ergonomic problems which are inevitable if two surgeons of different heights work together or if the operation area is asymmetrical. If the microscope has to be laterally tilted during the procedure, the binocular tubes can be leveled to the axis of observation with a rotatable adapter, and a comfortable head position is retained.

Because of its optical quality, constant light intensity, adaptable components and unique features, the Leica M680 offers the best conditions for fatigue-free operations extending over many hours.

The Leica M680 is a class of its own!