Leica M720 OH5 Premium Surgical Microscope

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Leica M720 OH5 Premium Surgical Microscope

For years, surgeons have needed a surgical microscope with smaller, more compact optics. With the Leica M720 OH5, Leica writes a revolutionary new chapter in microscope design. The heart of the innovation: Horizontal Optics Technology.

Real innovation makes life easier – and the Leica M720 OH5 does exactly this.

Key Features

* NEW Horizontal Optics Technology
* Premium Leica M720 optics carrier – With Leica APO OptiChrome™ technology for an excellent view
* Leica OH5 stand – Superior reach and overhead clearance for more freedom of microscope positioning
* Leica Butterfly-Binoculars – designed to ensure comfortable positioning for all individuals
* ErgoLock™ – Built in locking device to hold main surgeon's binocular tube fixed for better stability
* SpeedSpot™ – Dual laser focusing device for fast, precise microscope positioning
* BrightCare™ – Light intensity control based on working distance for more patient safety
* AutoIris™ – Light diameter control based on magnification for more patient safety
* HDMD™ – Compact, high-definition (HD) recording system for lifelike image representation
* Leica DI C700 – Dual imaging color module for IGS integration
* Leica FL800 – Vascular fluorescence device for fluorescence-based angiography

Leica's latest comfort solutions - for the benefit of the surgeon and the assistant.

Leica Butterfly-Binoculars
In addition to the optical system's compact size, the new binocular tubes are designed with an inclination range of 115°, which allows each individual to always work in comfort. They also feature Leica's innovative Butterfly-Binoculars, which enable the eyepieces to swing to a second viewing plane, quickly and easily.

Leica's ErgoLock™ option enables the tube to be easily locked in five defined positions. This feature ensures stability of the binocular position.

Fast, accurate microscope focusing is easy with the Leica SpeedSpot™ and its two laser beams. And, as a focusing reference, SpeedSpot™ helps ensure that the image is always sharply defined for all three viewing ports (surgeon, assistant, and documentation).

Leica DI C700 Dual Imaging Color Module
The Leica DI C700 dual imaging color module allows the surgeon to inject data from external sources with high-resolution display, high-contrast overlay and unsurpassed brightness, either binocularly or monocularly (left/right eyepiece). These settings enable the surgeon to simultaneously compare the direct live microscope view with the injected image.