Leica M844 F19 Premium Optics Surgical Microscope

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Leica M844 F19 Premium Optics Surgical Microscope

Leica M844 F19 premium optics surgical microscope for ophthalmology.

The Leica M844 with its Leica F19 stand contains four high precision mechanical friction brakes for homogenous arm movement and high operationg stability. The Leica M844 F19 carries the original APO OptiChrome™ optics, stands on the same small footprint and holds the same two-in-one display and XY unit as the Leica M844 F40.

Key Features

* Original APO OptiChrome™ optics
* QuadZoom™, motorized 6:1 zoom, 2x2 beam paths for identical view for all observers
* 100% illumination and stereo view for the main surgeon and the assistant both at the identical magnification
* Leica Halogen Illumination concept
* Double Beam Red Reflex for fundus reflex in all positions
* OttoFlex™ II, for high contrast and brilliant red reflex
* Leica F19, solid stand system with 4 high precision mechanical friction brakes for homogenous movement
* UltraLow II binocular tube for ideal eyepiece to field distance regardless of accessories used
* Two-in-One Display (control unit / live video display)
* ISUS™ System
* StepCycle™ - semi-automatic surgery function
* Ergonomic brakes-release for perfect positioning
* Motorized XY-unit, speed adjustable with automatic and manual reset function
* Motorized tilt mechanism, speed adjustable
* Quick-change lamp mount
* ErgonOptic™ for comfortable, fatigue free viewing and UltraLow™ II binocular tube
* OPEN Control™ is utilizing the latest in computer technology which provides user-specific configuration with continuous monitoring of all functions
* Foot-/handswitches with 12 functions
* Asepsis for all controls

Additional features of the F19 stand:

* Cost saving variant for lower budgets
* Solid stand system for stable working positon
* Slim design for comfortable working and compact parking