Leica MM AF Integrated System

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Leica MM AF Integrated System

A variety of applications to suit your needs
Bioimaging techniques contribute to a growing number of scientific breakthroughs. The Leica MM AF Imaging System powered by MetaMorph, plays a large role in this revolution. With its image acquisition, processing and analysis capabilities, and complete set of tools for automation, Leica MM AF opens the door for new insights into cellular function.

Leica MM AF's flexibility and versatility make it a powerful system for performing operations such as time lapse, multi-dimensional acquisition and 3D reconstruction, and for making measurements such as morphometry, colocalization and brightness. In biological experiments using live cell imaging, Leica MM AF combines the speed, flexibility and unmatched customer support required to get better results, faster.

Key Features

* Shading correction & background subtraction
* Morphometry and distance measurements
* Area/intensity measurements with graphing
* Basic filters & Morphology filters
* Arithmetic operations
* Create and play a movie exportable as QuickTime® or AVI
* Integrated Mophometry Analysis (IMA)
* Nearest neighbors and no neighbors
* 3D reconstruction
* 2D deconvolution
* Time lapse and Z series
* Cell counting
* Kymograph for linear motility analysis
* Brightness measurements
* Colocalization
* Overlay multi-fluorescent images
* Data logging and exporting
* Digital autofocus

Device automation for easy acquisition
The Leica MM AF provides high-end control for devices like filter wheels, shutters, cooled CCD cameras, including the Leica DFC cameras, SuperZ Galvo focus and Piezo electric focus devices, motorized stages, digital and serial input/output and of course the automated Leica Microsystems research microscopes.

An integrated Leica system solution
Leica MM AF is an integrated system solution based on the Leica automated research microscopes. All systems are integrated, tested and installed by Leica Microsystems specialists. Whether you have questions or requests on software, hardware, accessories or applications, Leica Microsystems is your partner.

Discrete, application-specific analysis modules are available for Leica MM AF: Angiogenesis, Cell Cycle, Cell Health, Count Nuclei/Cell Scoring, Granularity, Live/Dead, Mitotic Index, Monopole Detection, Multi Wavelength Cell Scoring and Neurite Outgrowth Application Modules. These modules provide users with a range of tools to automate processing and analysis of cellular images. No special microscopy or image analysis knowledge is required. Cellular segmentation and measurements are generated without the need for programming.

Leica MM AF's morphometry tools allow you to choose over 100 different parameters for morphometric measurement or classification of cells in monochrome or color images. Measure all the objects in your image or define filters which restrict the measurements to objects that meet specific criteria.

Set your preferences to increase the accuracy of the data gathered, such as the exclusion of cells that touch the edge of the image. Four interactive modes allow you to "point-and-click" as you work back and forth between the objects in the image window and data being displayed in a table, histogram or scatterplot. Your data can then be exported to a spreadsheet or text file for further analysis.