Leica MPS30 Analogue Photo System

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Leica MPS30 Analogue Photo System

The Leica MPS30 photoautomat is a budget-priced photomicrographic system that makes routine photography even easier, even more reliable. The functions are nearly all automatic; the Leica MPS30 meters the light, processes the variable parameters, and exposes correctly, in minimum time and with the efficient use of film material.

Key Features

* Linearity range at 100 ASA: 0.01 - 3300 seconds
* Metering and exposure using 100% light
* Film speed ISO 12/12 to 12800/42
* Integrated metering
* Exposure time 1/100 seconds to 99 minutes
* Variable exposure parameters
* Automatic functions
* Automatic or fixed-time mode exposure
* DX-coding
* 32-character data back

Detailed Description

The film format, the reciprocity-failure correction and the film speed, are read in automatically. The photoautomat controls the shutter, the advance of the film in the interchangeable 35mm magazine, and the superimposition of a text by the data back. The extended linear response range (up to 3300 seconds), and the concentration of 100% of the light on the measuring diode and on the film, result in precise metering and the shortest-possible exposure times, even for faint objects.

For the reliable identification of photographs, the interchangeable 35mm magazine with data back allows to project a 32-character text on to the film, consisting of date, time, frame number, exposure data, individual texts.