Leica MZ10 F Stereomicroscope

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Leica MZ10 F Stereomicroscope

The Leica MZ10 F fluorescence microscope supports researchers while viewing, sorting and selecting fluorescent specimens in the laboratory. With its excellent image contrast, 8x to 80xmagnification, modular design and M-series accessories, the Leica MZ10 F fulfills all laboratory requirements with regard to fluorescence.

The 10:1 zoom range and high magnification, spanning from 8x to 80x, make this stereomicroscope a perfect choice for quick sorting and screening tasks. The high resolution of 375Lp/mm and 0.125 numerical aperture (1.0x PlanAPO) give the ability to view small structures clearly and precisely. Combined with the industry's largest choice of illumination systems, main objectives, and ergonomic accessories, the Leica MZ10 F is the ideal solution for routine fluorescence use.

The outstanding feature of the Leica MZ10 F: TripleBeam, Leica's patented third beam path. This separate fluorescence illuminator ensures that light at all zoom positions is accurately guided through the correct path to ensure a dark background within the field of view.

The high signal-to-noise ratio results in best-in-class contrast and high-quality fluorescence images that are detail rich and reflex-free, with jet black backgrounds.

Flexible Solution
The Leica MZ10 F is incredibly flexible to adapt to a researcher's individual needs. Leica offers a wide range of standard filters as well as custom filters for almost every fluorescence technique along with a variety of objectives and attachments to ensure that the MZ10 F is perfectly customized to meet each application requirement.

V Protection
Leica has introduced strict precautions to protect users from the effects of intense UV radiation and the possibility of causing damage to the retina. UV barrier filters are permanently installed in the observation beam paths, such as a UV protection screen above the specimen plane, stray-light protection at the mercury lamp housing, and blank filter cartridges in the empty filter positions.

MZ10 F Outstanding features

* 10:1 zoom range with high numerical aperture of 0.125 for excellent representation of small structures
* TripleBeam™, Leica's patented separate beam path for extremely intense fluorescence illumination
* FLUOIII™, Leica's patented, 4-position, rapid change filter system
* Wide range of standard filters and availability of custom filters for almost any fluorescence technique
* Comprehensive user protection against UV radiation
* Innovative contrast possibilities with Leica's high-performance transmitted light bases
* Wide variety of available objectives and accessories to provide the best solution for specific application requirements with respect to optical quality and working distance