Leica MZ6 Modular Stereomicroscope

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Leica MZ6 Modular Stereomicroscope

The Leica MZ6 modular stereomicroscope with 6.3:1 zoom covers important magnification ranges between 6.3x and 40x for the non-destructive 3-D observation of unprepared objects in science, and for inspection and assembly in technology.

Key Features

* 6.3:1 zoom
* Magnifications up to 320x
* Field diameters up to 104.2mm
* Working distances of up to 297mm
* ZeroStat antistatic coating
* Constant sharpness throughout the 6.3:1 magnification range (parfocal)
* Widest range of ergonomic accessories
* Greatest choice of achromatic, planachromatic and planapochromatic objectives
* Coarse/fine focusing and motor focus for repetitive tasks
* Complete range of stands and illuminators
* Simple OEM adaptation
* Digital imaging systems, image management software, integrated analog video camera

The Leica MZ6 stereomicroscope meets demanding requirements of quality and ergonomics. State-of-the-art ergonomics are efficiently deployed in the Leica MZ6. Leica Microsystems offers the world's largest selection of ergonomic accessories, enabling every user to match the instrument to work procedures, environment and to personal physique. The comprehensive range of accessories meets the many requirements of all user segments in life science and industry, and makes the Leica MZ6 the most customizable instrument. For example, the inclinable focusing drive for example can be fitted easily to bonders and other machines. The complete range of building blocks for stand and illuminator enables the Leica MZ6 to be equipped for any task. The basic instrument can be equipped as new and at any time for every sort of documentation such as the photomicrographic systems, the integrated video module, or one of the digital imaging systems.