Leica Q550 MW Materials Workstation

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Leica Q550 MW Materials Workstation

The Q550 MW materials workstation is an imaging solution that integrates automated microscopy, computing and digital image analysis to increase laboratory productivity by efficiently performing routine, yet sophisticated analytical tasks, accurately and automatically.

Sample applications:
Steel inclusion rating Hardness testing Quality testing Coating analysis Automotive inspection Filter inspection

Key Features

* The main strength of the system is Leica's ability to provide an optimised integrated materials analysis imaging solution that meets your expectations for rich functionality, ease-of-use and reliability of supply.
* Developed in co-operation with famous material science institutes.
* Results according to international standards available including ASTM, JIS, BSI, DIN and ISO.
* Outstanding ease of use by Wizard guided sequence of operations.
* All Leica Micrsosystems microscope functions fully integrated.
* Wide variety of turn key applications for quantitative metallography and quality assurance.
* Reliability of supply from the wide spread sales network, Leica brand name, experienced support.
* Requires minimal operator activity ensuring repeatability of results.

The Application Environment
The Leica Q550 MW Application Environment is an imaging environment that manages common yet critical tasks common to most imaging applications:

* Automation facilities.
* Monochrome and colour image acquisition.
* System Calibration management.
* Controlled system setup using supervisor mode of operation.
* Analysis History database for fast tracking and recall of all measurements.
* Image annotation and documentation.
* Mosaic image generation, combining multiple fields of view for specimen overview.
* Link to image archiving system, Leica IM 1000.
* Extended focus for imaging of rough surfaces.

The Materials Workstation typically comprises a high performance PC, monochrome CCD TV camera, image acquisition board, printer & Microsoft Windows™. The Leica Q550 MW can be used with Leica optical microscopes and, having been designed with automation in mind, can be provided with optional motorisation facilities for the DM LM and DM R Microscope ranges, including stage focus, objective calibration, multiple specimen handling and lamp control.

CCD TV cameras have been carefully selected providing monochrome, RGB & high resolution images, which are compatible with the Leica Q550 MW. Additionally, high-resolution TV cameras may be directly interfaced producing a real-time display.

Easy to use
As a result of the convenient, user-friendly interface, experience of image analysis is not required. With a Microsoft Windows based interface and Application Wizards, it is possible to become accustomed to the applications very quickly without effort.

Not only is the Leica Q550MW compatible with Leica QWin for customisation of image processing within an application, it can also be used with other Microsoft applications. The true versatility and competence of the Leica Q550MW mean that materials analysis is no longer a complicated, time-consuming task.

Superior application solutions for materials analysis
Leica Microsystems Imaging Solutions Ltd. have combined over 30 years of experience working with customers in all areas of materials science with the very latest software and hardware technology to create a unique portfolio of application solutions for materials analysis.

Whatever your application, whether it be measuring nodules, analysing particles or filters for contamination, there will be a Leica Materials Application Solution tailored to your requirements.