Leica RM2125 RT Manual Rotary Microtome

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Leica RM2125 RT Manual Rotary Microtome

The new face-lifted Leica RM2125 microtome comes in two different versions - the Leica RM2125 and Leica RM2125 RT. All RM2125 versions are now equipped with slot cover to avoid debris entering the precision micrometer feeding system. The Leica RM2125 RT comes with a two-step trimming function and specimen retraction as additional features. The Leica RM2125 family has been designed for the routine histopathology laboratory where the manual use of a rotary microtome is preferred. The Leica RM2125 is the instrument of choice for customers looking for a value-priced Leica microtome that provides unrivalled sectioning quality.

Key Features

* New: Slot cover standard on all versions
* New: Removable hand rests
* New: Ergo-handwheel handle (flywheel)
* New: Black pressure plate
* New: Silver-line accessories
* Low maintenance and backlash-free micrometer feed system
* Cylinder guide system for horizontal movement
* Manual sectioning via ultra-smooth counterbalanced handwheel rotation.
* Section thickness: between 0.5 and 60 µm
* Vertical stroke length: approx. 60 mm
* Available with clockwise or counter-clockwise operation of the coarse feed wheel
* Available with or without specimen retraction feature

Detailed Description

The Leica RM2125 RT rotary microtome has been designed for effortless manual sectioning via a counter-balanced, exceptionally smooth-running handwheel.
Storage space on top of the instrument housing provides room for sectioning tools and accessories. The instrument features a low-maintenance micrometer feed system with backlash- and maintenance-free vertical cross-roller guides and horizontal specimen feed via precision cylinder guide system. Handwheel lockable in any position via brake lever attached to base plate and, in addition, lockable in upper position via handwheel grip.
Distortion-resistant base plate ensures optimum overall stability.
Ergonomically designed handwheel grip.
Section thickness selectable between 0.5 and 60 µm.

This Leica RM2125 RT model is equipped with specimen retraction and can therefore not be used for working in the so-called 'rocking-mode'.
Semi-enclosed housing (slot cover) largely prevents dust from entering the instrument.
Equipped with removable hand rests. In this model, the coarse feed wheel is operated in clockwise direction - the type of coarse feed most widely used in Europe.