Leica RM2255 Fully Motorized Rotary Microtome

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Leica RM2255 Fully Motorized Rotary Microtome

Microtomy opens the door to completely new results in material and quality assurance laboratories: whether for polymeric or chemical materials, lacquer and paint analysis, cable manufacturing or in paper industries - Leica offers individual system solutions to comply with the stringent demands of a modern industrial laboratory.

The Leica RM2255, designed for fully motorized sectioning, offers a broad application spectrum for industrial, section-based control of materials and quality. This microtome meets the requirements of users looking for a fully motorized/electronic microtome for their laboratory.

The entire extended accessory line including knife holders, specimen clamping systems and specimen orientation device has been re-engineered providing you with the most superior technology available on the industrial microtomy market.

Key Features

* Fully motorized rotary microtome with adjustable sectioning speed and two speed horizontal coarse specimen movement
* Ergonomically designed, external control panel
* Rapid, convenient switching between sectioning and trimming settings
* Selection of continuous movement or single step coarse feed in Sectioning mode
* Four sectioning modes (rock, continuous, single and step)
* "Specimen retraction on demand" function
* Adjustable cutting window
* Safety handwheel with two safety locking mechanisms
* Vertical stroke length ~70 mm (whole prostates)
* Electronic totalizer display for section thickness and number of revolutions of the handwheel
* One-piece microtome housing with integrated storage tray on top of the microtome
* Debris protection for internal mechanisms
* Precision zero-position specimen orientation
* One hand operation specimen clamp system
* Integrated section waste tray
* All-new knife holder system
* Extended accessory line

The RM2255 is fully motorized with a precision step motor for accurate specimen advance and a powerful motor for sectioning. The microtome can nevertheless be operated manually using the perfectly counterbalanced hand wheel. The sectioning speed can be adjusted to cut hard materials as well as paraffin-embedded specimens at high throughput without any detriment to sectioning quality. This microtome is designed for users who require a fully motorized/electronic microtome for their laboratory needs.

The fully motorized rotary microtome LEICA RM2255 with its superior technology sets new standards for high efficiency and economy in quality assurance. Developed in our DIN EN ISO 2000 certified manufacturing site in Germany, the LEICA RM2255 meets the strict GS, VDE, UL, and CSA safety standards. The ergonomically designed external control unit contributes to a higher user friendliness.