Leica S8 APO Greenough Stereomicroscope

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Leica S8 APO Greenough Stereomicroscope

The Leica S8 APO is the flagship of our Leica StereoZoom® line. The instrument offers an 8:1 zoom with a standard magnification of 10x - 80x. It is the world's only high performance Greenough style stereomicroscope with a fully apochromatic corrected 1.0x objective and zoom lens system. Researchers engaged in critical applications such as microinjection or fine pitch wire bonding will find that our S8 APO makes a world of difference in their work.

Key Features

* Apochromatic built-in 1.0x objective
* Apochromatic 8:1 zoom lens system
* Apochromatic auxilliary objectives
* Maximum resolution 600 Lp/mm
* 10x - 80x standard magnification
* Working distance 75 mm
* Integrated video/photo output (0 % / 100%)
* Ergonomic 38° viewing angle
* Adjustable upper and lower zoom magnification stops
* Eyepieces for eyeglass wearers
* ZeroStat antistatic coating
* Unique integrated cold light illumination system
* Flexible, modular design for easy customization
* Digital imaging systems, image management software, integrated analog video camera

The benefit of apochromatic correction is best witnessed with specimens that have fine, low contrasting structures such as large animal cells, plant cilia or metallic microelectronic structures. The Leica S8 APO delivers a 600 lp/mm resolution and a maximum magnification of 640x (with 2.0x auxilliary objective). Contrast, brilliance, sharpness, resolution, color fidelity and reproduction accuracy are unsurpassed. The Leica S8 APO is perfect for exacting applications, especially digital documentation and image archival and analysis. The integrated video-/phototube allows easy and rapid mounting of Leica digital cameras. Conventional film and analog video cameras achieve outstanding results as well.

The modular design allows the user to individually equip each StereoZoom® with the appropriate accessories that will optimize its performance for any application. The Leica S8 APO has an ergonomic 38 degrees viewing angle for proper posture and improved comfort. Also available are three different apochromatic auxilliary objectives, an achromatic 0.32x objective (when a long working distance is needed), various eyepieces, stands and illumination solutions.