Leica SM2000 R Sliding Microtome

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Leica SM2000 R Sliding Microtome

The Leica SM2000 R sliding microtome with low-maintenance cross-roller-bearing guide-ways is designed to section paraffin-embedded samples in routine histopathology laboratories. The SM2000 R can also be used for the specific industrial applications of foam and wood sectioning. The easy-to-use knife holder is designed to accommodate both standard knives and disposable blades. The instrument is available fully equipped to meet most of today's sliding microtome sectioning requirements or can be customized to meet more special applications.

Key Features

* Enclosed micrometer feed system
* Section thickness setting: 0.5 to 60 µm
* Maximum specimen size: 80 x 60 mm
* Specimen orientation
* Universal cassette clamp or standard specimen clamp
* Single clamping screw knife holder with magnet knife retaining feature
* Knife inclination and declination feature
* Manual and semi-automatic mode of operation
* Adjustable cutting window

The bench-top instrument has a smoothly gliding sledge due to cross-roller bearings providing excellent sectioning results with maintenance-free automatic specimen feed between 1 and 30 µm. To meet more specific requirements in the laboratory, the instrument can be equipped with either a universal cassette clamp or standard specimen clamp. The single clamping screw knife holder with a magnetic knife retaining feature facilitates the insertion of either a reusable steel knife or a disposable blade holder. Depending on the size of the specimen and the desired inclination angle, the user can select from four different knife holder positions on the knife sledge. To ensure that the section is retrieved safely, the knife holder can be locked in any position. The adjustable cutting window with semi-automatic specimen feed allows faster sectioning without the need to move the sledge to both ends of the maximum available cutting stroke length.