Leica SM2010 R Sliding Microtome

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Leica SM2010 R Sliding Microtome

The Leica SM2010 R sliding microtome produces high quality paraffin sections for routine histopathology, frozen sections of fixed brain for neuroscience applications, and sections of industrial samples such as foam or wood. Ergonomics, safety and productivity are key requirements for all users. Leica Microsystems has incorporated these hallmarks of Lean Histology™ into the new Leica SM2010 R by reducing the working height of the microtome, by moving the object head closer to the user and by reducing the force needed to move the sledge. Blade insertion and removal has been made far easier and brightly colored safety guards on the blade and knife holders help to increase awareness to improve user safety and reduce the risk of injury.

Key Features

* Stable sliding microtome with enclosed micrometer feed system
* Smooth running sledge with effective, easily accessible brake
* Ergonomically positioned object head (close to the user)
* Section thickness setting: 0.5 to 60 µm
* Automatic feeding up to 30 µm
* Precision 8° XY specimen orientation with defined zero position
* Manual coarse feeding by either pushing or pulling a lever
* Smooth running coarse feed wheel with user selectable turn direction
* User selectable cutting window adjustable to specimen size
* Quick release system for a variety of specimen clamps
* Large volume anti-static section waste tray with collection container in front
* Disposable blade holder SE for biopsies and soft routine specimens incorporating safe blade insertion and removal, lateral displacement function and safety guards
* Knife holder SN for conventional knives or disposable blade rails

The Leica SM2010 R produces high quality sections for routine histopathology (paraffin), neuroscience (fixed frozen brain) and industrial applications (foam and wood) and incorporates the hallmarks of Lean Histology™ with excellent ergonomics, safety and productivity. The stable sliding microtome has a totally enclosed micrometer feeding system with an ergonomically positioned object head close to the user. The smooth running sledge can be locked in 11 positions by using the easily accessible sledge brake. A variety of adjustable Ergogrips are available. The instrument is equipped with precision 8° XY specimen orientation with defined zero position and click stops every 2° turn. Section thickness is adjustable between 0.5 and 60 µm. Manual object feeding can be achieved by either pushing or pulling the coarse feed lever, or by use of a coarse feed wheel that can be operated in a user-selectable clock or counter-clockwise motion. Automatic feeding is up to 30 µm. A user selectable cutting window adjustable to specimen size avoids unnecessarily long sledge movements and speeds up the sectioning process. A variety of specimen clamps – such as universal cassette clamp, Super mega cassette clamp, standard clamp or freezing stage – can be easily mounted and exchanged by using the quick release system. The large volume anti-static waste tray has a collection container in the front and storage area for section preparation tools.

The Leica SM2010 R features a dedicated disposable blade holder for biopsies and soft routine specimens for low or high profile disposable blades. The disposable blade holder SE can be easily converted from high to low profile blades by simply exchanging the front pressure plate. When designing the new disposable blade holder SE, user safety was the first priority. Disposable blades are handled safely by the insertion and removal aid integrated in the blade holder. In addition the safety guard has a distinctive colour to increase user safety awareness. For users who prefer to use standard knives, or disposable blade rails, knife holder SN is available. The number of clamping levers has been reduced to a minimum e.g. clearance angle is set using an Allen key. A scale, with indicator, allows setting of declination angles up to 45°. Safe handling of the knife, or blade, is a major feature of the new knife holder SN. Two clamping screws allow fast and secure clamping of the cutting tool and allow lateral displacement of the knife or blade rail permits use of the entire width of the knife, or blade. A brightly colored safety guard ensures protection against injuries by accidental contact with the edges of knives or blades.