Leica SP9000 Automatic Knife Sharpener

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Leica SP9000 Automatic Knife Sharpener

The Leica SP9000 knife sharpener is designed for resharpening c-profile microtome knives up to 22 cm in length, giving a used knife edge the sharpness of a new or factory-reconditioned knife. The knife is resharpened by clamping it in the knife holder at a fixed angle. The transparent plastic cover of the instrument is closed during the honing procedure to ensure safe operation and to avoid dust and grinding particles being scattered over the work place.

Key Features

* Effective sharpening of c-profile steel knives up to 22 cm in length
* Easy single-button operation
* Two different knife holders available to accommodate different knife lengths
* Proven robust technology

The Leica SP9000 knife sharpener offers two honing techniques – coarse and fine – to resharpen microtome c-profile steel microtome knives up to 22 cm in length. After the appropriate abrasive has been applied to the honing plate, the knife is placed in the holder, the plastic cover closed and the required coarse or fine honing operation selected. The automatic timer is set and the honing procedure commences. The Leica SP9000 first hones one side of the blade, then the other, this cycle being repeated until the predetermined sharpening time runs out. Microtome knives can thus be sharpened in the laboratory, safely, quickly and efficiently, so that they can be back in use in the shortest period of time, saving money with virtually no disruption in workflow.