Leica ST4040 Linear Stainer

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Leica ST4040 Linear Stainer

The Leica ST4040 Linear Staining System is designed to meet the current and future needs of today's high throughput staining laboratories. Routine applications such as H&E can be run at a throughput capacity of up to 1000 slides per hour. The modular design of the system allows the customer utmost flexibility in instrument configurations to meet the needs in both staining volume and workflow of histopathology and cytopathology laboratories. In addition, optional loading and unloading stations are available to further increase capacity.

Key Features

* Optional double track staining
* Two separate, time-synchronised staining protocols can be run simultaneously
* Transparent lid to allow monitoring of the staining process
* Charcoal filter system or fume exhaust hose to reduce exposure to hazardous fumes
* High slide throughput
* Continuous agitation of the slide racks during processing
* CE-, UL-, c-UL-, VDE-approved

The Leica ST 4040 is equipped with one staining track with 27 stations including reagent and water stations. Five of these stations can be used for loading and five for unloading. Tap water station positions are selectable. To prevent loss of staining reagents through evaporation when not in operation, the staining track can be covered with the reagent lids provided.

As the instrument cover is divided into three sections, the user is protected from exposure to hazardous fumes by allowing the instrument to be open only in the zone being currently worked in. To further reduce exposure to hazardous reagent fumes, the Leica ST 4040 can be fitted with an activated carbon filter or a fume exhaust hose for direct venting to a fume hood. Two separate staining protocols can be programmed for quick operation, the program parameters being: staining time, draining time and agitation.

The running direction of the instrument can be selected by the user.

The Leica ST4040 combined with the Leica CV5030 Coverslipper provides the ideal system solution for high throughput slide processing. Other accessories include loading and unloading stations to increase the capacity and assist in workflow management.