Leica ST5020 Multistainer

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Leica ST5020 Multistainer

With the Leica ST5020 Multistainer, a new level of performance is introduced to the pathology laboratory. This new system was designed to achieve perfect staining results and enable modern histology and cytology laboratories to experience an unsurpassed level of flexibility. Both routine and special staining protocols can be performed alone or in combination to produce consistent and high-quality staining results.

The Leica ST5020 features a unique user interface built around a solvent-resistant color touch screen.

Based on a modular design principle, the Leica ST5020 can be easily set up to meet individual laboratory needs.

Key Features

* 40 stations including up to 6 wash stations and up to 4 ovens
* Load and Exit Drawer with 1-4 stations (according to customer set-up)
* Simultaneous processing of several different programs and up to 4-6 racks simultaneaously
* CodeRackTM Programmable Slide Rack for automatic program start
* Special Stain Upgrade Kit
* Overflow Protector (sensor) in stainless steel sink
* Integrated fume control system with external hose/filter
* Coverslipper integration for staining and coverslipping without operator interaction
* Colour TFT Touchscreen
* Reagent Management System
* Language support

The Leica ST5020 Multistainer is a bench-top, automated slide stainer designed to bring utmost flexibiliy into the Pathology laboratory. Up to 4-6 slide racks holding 30 slides each can be processed simultaneously with multiple staining applications. Continuous rack loading/unloading using up to 4 load/unload stations allow safe and easy access without opening the instrument lid. Of 40 vessels, up to 6 can be used as watering stations and up to 4 drying stations can be installed. Several staining programs can be run simultaneously, and a reagent management feature automatically monitors the usage of reagent cleanliness to provide optimum staining results.

Color-coded slide rack clips enable racks and programs to be started fully automatic, while a status table displays all active staining schedules.

The Leica Multistainer is programmed using a solvent-resistant color touch screen and can be connected to a remote alarm system. An intelligent multi-language user interface combined with a graphical program display allows the operator to quickly become familiar with the instrument. Ease-of-use is supported further by on-line help covering each individual menu step.

Data is saved and loaded via a memory card with a permanent memory for up to 25 programs of 40 steps each. Additional features include selectable incubation periods up to 23 h and adjustable specimen agitation (number, speed and amplitude of agitation movements). Additional options include a connection to the Leica CV5030 coverslipper for automated coverslipping directly after staining. A new type of vessel inserts with reduced reagent volume and small slide racks for special stainings can be used together with heatable reagent vessels (up to 70 °C) for special staining requirements.

An integrated fume control system including an activated carbon filter minimises user exposure to hazardous fumes.

In combination with the Leica CV5030 coverslipper, the Leica ST5020 Multistainer creates noveal and a highly flexible system featuring walk-away convenience: After a staining process is finished, the slide racks are transported by the innovative robotic arm from the stainer into the coverslipper. The manual handling of racks between stainer and coverslipper is no longer necessary.