Leica TCS LSI Large Scale Imaging Confocal

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Leica TCS LSI Large Scale Imaging Confocal

The world's first super zoom confocal!
The Leica TCS LSI is the first super zoom 3D-confocal, offering high resolution plus a large field of view for in vivo imaging. The new Large Scale Imaging (LSI) platform provides generous workspace and adapts perfectly to the experiment needs of native specimen analysis.

True confocal technology provides crystal clear images of highest spectral resolution, revealing the finest details of the model organism.

An automated optical zoom system allows for seamless magnification change on demand, easy switching from overview to details and free 3D navigation through the specimen.

Key Features

* Zoom factor up to 16x
* Field of view up to 16 mm
* Generous workspace
* Free sample access by wing doors
* Easy sample manipulation
* Largest motorized z-control
* Large xy-travel range for optimal positioning
* Precise z-control by galvo stage
* Motorized and manual xy-stages
* Accessories for environmental control of temperature, CO2, humidity

Large Scale Imaging In Vivo Confocal

Research Areas
* Developmental Biology
* Embryiology studies
* Morphogenesis
* Embryo genetics
* Plant science
* Genetics
* Proteomics
* Neurology

Fields of Applications
* Cancer research
* Agriculture investigations
* Pharmaco screening
* Seed development
* Cell development
* Heart
* Brain development

Tailored to Your Needs
Study the process of life from embryo to adult and take advantage of the combination of high resolution imaging and large field macro zoom imaging.

Sample preparation and orientation can be directly performed due to the functional and workflow oriented design.

A generous workspace provides extended freedom for in vivo experiments. Zoom in and out, from overview to area of interest at highest resolution and obtain fascinating results.

From Cell to Embryo
The Leica TCS LSI provides highest image quality and maximum flexibility.

Visualize cell growth and the fascinating differentiation of cells in organs in real life from cell to embryo.

Identify new pathways from gene to cell and from cell to animal.

Examine the influence of genomic defects of the whole animal.

Study 4D processes easily with the Advanced Time Lapse software for in vivo experiments.

Analyze protein interactions or test the influence of drugs in vivo

More Freedom than Ever
For excellent results the Leica TCS LSI offers variable magnification with a field of view up to 16 mm plus large and prezise z-positioning. Instead of using incubators the specimen is placed easily and securely through wide open wing doors of the laser safety chamber. Fine focusing is done either with the tuning wheel of the Universal Microscope Control or by LAS AF software.

The motorized zoom enables to select any area of interest - without changing the objective.

Ultra Dymamic Z-Control
* SuperZ Galvo Stage for backlash free sensitive vertical positioning with maximum travel range of 1600 μm
* Fine focus integrated in the motorized zoom system with 10 mm extension of focus range
* Ultimate z-position control by motor focus, travelling up to 150 mm

Advanced Time Lapse - High Resolution from Cell to Embryo
With the LAS AF Live Data mode Software the system offers perfect automation for cell developments studies. Individual experiments can be easily combined to a fully automated workflow.

Perfect Climate
Optimal growth conditions for living animals can be provided by a wide range of accessories. The laser safety cabinet is converted into a climate chamber by adopting a heating unit for precise temperature control. Stage adapters for CO2-gas and humiditation offer optimal sample conditions. During the experiment romote controlled manipulators enable active specimen handling within the native environment.

New Zoom Optics
* Change magnification by fingertip
* Continuously variable magnification by 16x
* Manual or motorized
* No objective change required
* Apochromatic, paralax-free optics
* Macro and micro objectives
* 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 40x, 63x

Zoom freely in and out, switching between overview and smallest detail without changing the objectives. The Leica Z16 APO 16:1 super zoom offers the largest magnification range from 0.57x to 9.2x, whereas the Leica Z6 APO ranges from 0.57x to 0.36x - at excellent optical performance. The z-zoom systems are fully apochromatic and allows for adjusting magnification continuously and paralax-free.

The motorized objectives Z16 APO A and Z6 APO A are fully software controlled. The magnification can be altered completely without touching the imaging system. To achieve precise focusing over a wide range of 10 mm, all motorized zooms are addtionally equipped with a motorized fine focus lense.

The tremendous working distance of 97 mm and a field of view of 16 mm is provided by the 1x apochromatic macro objective. Additionaly, classic micro objectives can be adapted to use the Leica TCS LSI as a classical confocal. With high resolution,high numerical aperture lens systems, finest details become visible.