Leica TCS SPE Spectral Confocal

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Leica TCS SPE Spectral Confocal

Spectacular Imaging and Affordable Excellence.

The Leica TCS SPE is the new high resolution spectral confocal for daily research and routine examination. The highly integrated system is optimized for target applications in research laboratories and pharma-biotechnology. Providing all important features, it offers spectacular imaging at an attractive price.

The newest technology is implemented in the Leica TCS SPE and this system is the only confocal in its class providing true spectral detection.

The TCS SPE is very easy to use and first results are quickly achieved, even by confocal newcomers. Its robust, durable hardware with long-life components and the new Leica software platform LAS AF ensure smooth and fast operation.

Key Features

* Variable motorized pinhole
* 488, 532 and 635 nm excitation
* 405 nm excitation option for nuclear stainings
* Low-noise solid state lasers
* High dynamic PMT with photon booster technology
* Freely tunable spectral detection (430-750 nm)
* AOTF tuning for minimizing cell damage
* Motorized beam splitter
* Advanced correction system (ACS) for perfect colocalization
* Reliable, ergonomic software LAS AF
* Software upgradable to deconvolution, time lapse, spectral unmixing and more
* Preinstalled system settings
* Analysis of specimen with up to 8 color stainings
* Easy data transfer
* Multiple export functions
* Personal USB for storage of individual instrument settings
* Long-life components
* Small footprint
* Minimal maintenance
* standard room requirements