Leica TCS STED Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscope

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Leica TCS STED Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscope

The Leica TCS STED is the first commercially available light microscope which enables the investigation of structural details below the 100 nm resolution range.

Its superresolution capacity allows confocal imaging with a resolution two to three times higher than could ever be achieved in a conventional scanning microscope - without compromising on usability.

With the integration of the groundbreaking STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) concept into the approved broadband confocal platform Leica TCS SP5 the Leica TCS STED represents a new class of microscope combining superresolution with confocal and multiphoton microscopy.

The powerful and highly versatile system is ideal for imaging facilities - even as a standalone confocal microscope.

Key Features

* Practically diffraction unlimited resolution (lateral resolution < 90 nm)
* STED functionality is fully integrated into soft- and hardware for maximum usability
* Full SP5 versatility maintained in the Leica TCS STED
* STED is available as an upgrade for existing Leica TCS SP5 systems

Sharper Focus for New Insights
With Stefan Hell's award-winning invention of Stimulated Emission and Depletion (STED) technology, a new chapter in fluorescence microscopy has begun.

In a Leica TCS STED microscope the sample is illuminated by two pulsed laser beams, tightly synchronized. The 635 nm wavelength excites the fluorophores of the sample the same way a conventional confocal system does. The excitation laser pulses are directly followed by a ring shaped illumination of a Ti:Sapphire Infrared laser. This pulse inhibits the fluorescence in the outer regions of the illuminated spot.

STED Features

* STED-exitation: 635 nm diode laser
* Depletion: Infrared Laser Spectra-Physics MaiTai Broadband, 725-850 nm usable for STED or full spectral range (710-990 nm) for conventional two photon microscopy
* XY-resolution (FWHM) 90 nm, depending on sample, embedding and staining
* Typical point object separation approx. 70 nm
* STED dyes: ATTO 647N (750 nm depletion), ATTO 655N (780 nm depletion)
* Z-resolution: confocal (approx. 550 nm FWHM)
* Auto beam alignment of excitation and depletion beam for long term stability
* STED coupling uses the UV port of the Leica TCS SP5, UV stainings can still be excited using the two photon laser in non-STED operation

Confocal and Multiphoton Base System

* Inverted microscope Leica DMI6000 CS with fluorescence optical outfit Leica EL6000
* Spectral confocal laser scanning system Leica TCS SP5 (with Tandem Scanner option)
* Visible lasers with AOTF control
* AOBS (Acousto-Optical Beam Splitter)
* Up to five spectral detector channels: four confocal/two photon and one STED channel
* Two external APD (Avalanche Photo Detector) channels for highest sensitivity (one usable for STED)

More Time for Research
The STED functionality is fully integrated into the Leica Application Suite (LAS AF). This user friendly and ergonomic platform has become a highly approved tool among microscopists. As soon as you are familiar with Leica LAS AF you are able to operate the STED system without needing to study new workflows.

Auto-aligning for Reproducible Results and Ease of Use
Time and space are essential: perfect synchronisation of laser pulses and nanometer accuracy of the beam alignment are a must for the maximum depletion efficiency, equivalent to best resolution. With the Leica TCS STED this has been realized by a patented and software controlled auto-alignment routine. Complex adjustments are history - calibration at a mouse click!

Combined Power of STED and Confocal
Find STED technology and the full versatility of the TCS SP5 combined in one system

The Leica TCS STED is not only a superresolution microscope but also a fully equipped multiphoton confocal system with up to five internal spectral detectors. Profit from the patented innovations of our broadband confocal, such as spectral detectors, the AOBS or the Tandem Scanner.

With this combination of advanced technologies you are prepared for all future challenges – and you have two leading microscopy systems in one: Toggle between the two worlds of resolution at your fingertips!

Upgrade to STED – Anytime!
(Not yet) ready for STED? – Don't worry! STED is available as an upgrade for TCS SP5.
You might not need STED-resolution today but you think about using it tomorrow? You can upgrade your Leica TCS SP5 to STED – anytime. The necessary adaptations will be tailor-made for your present Leica TCS SP5 confocal microscope. The system grows with your demands. With a TCS SP5 you are ready for STED and prepared for the future.