Olympus CX31-P Student Polarized Light Microscope

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus CX31-P Student Polarized Light Microscope

The Olympus CX31-P is an affordable and versatile polarizing microscope for educational and routine use. The CX31-P implements Olympus' high-end UIS2 strain-free optical components to produce outstanding results in a compact, no-nonsense package. Its optical performance is matched by its versatility to meet the demands of many different applications, from double-refraction examination of the structure and characteristics of transparent specimens to complex quantitative analyses of rocks, fibers, macromolecules and new materials.

The CX31-P frame comes with a centerable graduated rotating stage with vernier scale, a UIS2 strain-free centerable and focusable Abbe condenser (NA 1.25) and a rotating polarizer pre-attached. All other components may be configured to meet individual user needs. Available components for the CX31-P include:

* Newly-Developed Infinity Corrected Strain-Free Achromat N or Plan N objectives
* 3 Different intermediate attachments for conoscopic and orthoscopic image observation:
  o New U-PA Selectable Focusable Bertrand Lens for Conoscopic/Orthoscopic observation, 180° Rotating Lockable Analyzer with Vernier, accepts 8 different DIN style compensators.
  o U-OPA Orthoscopic Attachment for use with 360° Rotating Analyzer.
  o U-KPA Orthoscopic Attachment for use with Analyzer, accepts all DIN style compensators.
* 8 Different DIN style plates and compensators including:
  o Quarter Wave
  o Full Wave/First Order Red Plate
  o Quartz Wedge
  o De Sénarmont
  o 2 Bräce-Köhler Compensators
  o 2 Berek Compensators
* Objective centering adapters (4 pieces per set).
* 4 Different observation tubes (binocular/trinocular, FN20/FN22)
* X-Y Mechanical Stage adapter.
* Gout inspection kit