Olympus DP12 Digital Camera

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus DP12 Digital Camera

Offering high-resolution 3.34 million pixel images, the easy-to-use Olympus® DP12 offers increased pixel density and incorporates an intuitive photomicrography concept. The compact DP12 is sleekly designed, ergonomic, and is engineered for use as both a stand-alone digital camera or to be interfaced to a PC offering maximum flexibility. The camera is operated from the convenient handset control unit and transfers the images to the PC using high-speed USB technology. Integrating the DP12 digital camera with one of the Olympus MicroSuite™ imaging software packages will provide a seamless environment where images can be captured, processed and analyzed. For routine imaging applications requiring documentation and image recording, the DP12 is ideal, providing a compact solution for professional digital imaging in microscopy!

* 3.34 Mpixel (2048 x 1536) 1/1.8” (~0.55”) interlace scan CCD.
* High-resolution, large, 3.5” tilting 200,000 pixel color LCD monitor* (now integrated into the separate compact control unit) for easy, accurate focusing and framing. Allows display of 16 images at once!
* Easy use of operation; the DP12 is operated entirely from the separate handset control unit. Users can choose between 3 ISO ratings and automatic or manual exposure modes ensuring acquisition of images with optimum quality.
* Easy image adjustment with 3 white balance selections, 1% spot metering, 30% average metering, and +/-1/3 stop exposure adjustment.
* New focusing indicator and 2X electronic zoom function for easy low magnification focusing.
* Calibrated scale bar that can be superimposed horizontally or vertically on the displayed image.
* Single storage Smartmedia slot for Smartmedia memory cards (up to 128MB)
* USB interface located on the separate handset control unit for optional connection to a PC
* Images can be acquired in color or grayscale.
* Standard C-mount thread.