Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope

The IX81 represents the most advanced motorized inverted microscope from Olympus.

The IX81's modular frame and optical design provides 9 access ports for multiple input or output devices. Up to four ports can have simultaneous access to a primary image. With its built-in motorized Z-axis drive, 6-position nosepiece and light path selector, the IX81 is ready for multi-wavelength, advanced fluorescence and deconvolution techniques.

The IX81 begins with a unique two-tiered, V-shaped optical design that provides tremendous versatility without frame modifications and bright images with minimal reflections.

The Olympus two-tiered optical system creates access to an upper and lower rear port without modifying the stage or fluorescence raypath. Rear ports facilitate the mounting of cameras and laser scan heads while keeping the sides of the microscope free for additional equipment.

Frame includes a motorized 6-position nosepiece, light path selector, and high-resolution Z-axis motor with 0.01um step size.

Frame is computer designed and constructed of cast ADC-12 aluminum for improved rigidity and stability. Redesigned nosepiece block and focus assembly results in greater stability that is critical for prolonged observations such as time lapse.

Optional motorized accessories includes a 6-position motorized condenser, 6-position fluorescence filter turret, transmitted and reflected light shutters, and filter wheels.

Optional 6-position fluorescence filter turret accepts a unique analyzer holder for automated switching between DIC/polarized light and fluorescence observations. Turret can also be combined with motorized shutters and filter wheels for excellent control of excitation and emission fluorescence signals.

All motorized functions and halogen light sources are powered by an external power supply/control box to remove a significant source of electrical noise and heat from the microscope frame.

Newly developed for the IX2 microscopes is a dual camera adapter for the left side port that permits two-camera access to a primary image. The adapter also accepts a dichromatic mirror for spectral separation between cameras.

All Microscope controls are ergonomically placed and vibration-free in operation. Frame and handset control buttons can be customized.

The IX2 can be outfitted with either a straight or L-Shaped fluorescence illuminator. The straight illuminator offers unparalleled brightness due to its clean optical design incorporating a minimum number of very high numerical aperture lenses. The L-shaped illuminator offers both a field and aperture stop for excellent control of the excitation energy as well as easier burner centration. Both illuminators have high UV transmission at 340nm and combine with the six-position filter cube turret to provide outstanding fluorescence efficiency and system flexibility.

Frame Construction

* Superior frame stability and vibration-free operation make the IX81 well suited for stable observations such as patch clamping
* Built-in Z-axis motor with a 0.01µm step size is ideal for deconvolution and laser confocal imaging
* 9 ports offer incredible flexibility with 4 ports offering simultaneous access to a primary image. Allows spectral separation with multiple detectors for real time co-localization imaging
* Frame is computer designed, cast from ADC-12 aluminum and utilizes an external power supply for improved structural and thermal stability
* New Nosepiece focus mechanism is shorter in mechanical length and provides greater nosepiece support for improved stability during prolonged observations
* Compact design with reduced footprint frees up critical bench space for external equipment
* Optional bottom port is ideal for extremely low light level imaging. Every IX81 frame is tapped and cast for easy upgrade ability to either a motorized or manually operated bottom port
* Waterproof nosepiece guide protects internal optics from spills; dust-proof design prevents deterioration of internal optical surfaces

Deconvolution/Laser Scanning Confocal

* Ultra-precise Z-axis motor with 10nm step size is ideal for optically sectioning during deconvolution or confocal imaging
* Frame includes pre-tapped mounts for easy attachment to a vibration isolation table
* The fully automated FluoViewTM 500 Confocal scan unit mounts to the lower rear port of the microscope keeping the bench space on both of the frame open for other accessories and equipment. FV500 can also be mounted on the optional bottom port
* Compact, stable frame design, an external power supply and a more rigid focus mechanism combine to provide an imaging platform that is unrivaled

Illumination Columns

* Two 12V/100W illumination columns tilt rearward giving excellent access to the specimen area for manipulator setup. Condenser rack also tilts rearward independently of the illumination column
* 100W illumination columns have a pre-tapped hole for manipulator mounting. Provides rearward tilt to manipulator assembly for easy specimen access
* Exclusive dual condenser 100W illumination column permits the attachment of two condensers and the ability to quickly switch between them
* 100W single condenser column has increased focus travel for newly designed relief contrast and motorized condensers
* A low cost 6V/30W illuminator is also available

Optical Features and Optical Efficiency

* Frame has a two-tiered optical design and 9 input/output ports for tremendous system versatility
* Up to 4 ports can have simultaneous access to a primary image allowing high quality, high speed, chromatically separated imaging
* Two rear ports are available without modifying the position of the stage, fluorescence illuminator or nosepiece assembly
* Single reflection, V-shaped optical path with apochromat relay lenses provides single reflection, high quality and bright images to the observation tubes
* Binocular, tilting binocular and trinocular observation tubes available
* Frame incorporates a 1.6x (optional 2x) magnification changer offering increased magnification to eyepieces and cameras without changing objectives
* Frame is ready to accept optional motorized or manual bottom port for extremely low light level imaging


* Improved straight illuminator is 20% brighter due to a minimal number of high numerical aperture optical elements
* New L-Shaped illuminator features an Aperture and Field Stop with easy burner centration
* Six-position fluorescence filter turret with adjustable click-stops features illuminated position indicators for filter identification in subdued light