Olympus LCV110 VivaView FL Incubator Fluorescence Microscope

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Olympus LCV110 VivaView FL Incubator Fluorescence Microscope

The new VivaView FL incubator microscope from Olympus incorporates optimal cell growing conditions with proven imaging optics. Maintaining all the benefits associated with a dedicated incubator, the VivaView FL provides a fully integrated and motorized inverted microscope to allow high quality, long-term time-lapse imaging in a constant and optimized environment. Multiple locations in up to 8 samples can be imaged simultaneously with fluorescence or Differential Interference Contrast. Simple, intuitive computer operation removes all the difficulty previously associated with configuring a live cell imaging system. The VivaView FL is the next generation in live-cell imaging providing researchers the ability to image cells for significant longer than has previously been possible with absolute control of the surrounding environment.

Features and Benefits

* Ideal time-lapse imaging inside an incubator
* Parallel time-lapse observation of eight dishes
* Eliminates thermal drift during long-term imaging
* High quality fluorescence and DIC observation
* Cooled CCD camera
* Stress-free time-lapse imaging
* Simple computer based control
* Powerful and proven image analysis with MetaMorph for Olympus
* Ability to load chemical solutions during growth

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