Olympus NanoZoomer Digital Pathology System

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Olympus NanoZoomer Digital Pathology System

The NanoZoomer Digital Pathology System, manufactured by Hamamatsu, quickly delivers automatic, high throughput scanning with outstanding image quality! The NanoZoomer utilizes high precision technology, which gently lifts and transfers each slide into scanning position.

With the click of a button up to 210 slides are automatically scanned at 20x or 40x using a 4096 x 64 pixel CCD continuous scan technology. The end result is an outstanding virtual slide in about 4 minutes at 20x.

The NanoZoomer offers the flexibility of both brightfield and fluorescence imaging in one reliable, easy to use, robust system. The fluorescence optics modifies the excitation beam shape to fit the rectangular shape of the TDI sensor. This process creates a stronger excitation light compared to other systems and the result is an outstanding fluorescence image captured in high speed at low light levels. In addition, traditional bleaching problems are virtually eliminated since only the detected areas are scanned.

* 210 slide capacity with a dependable and durable slide loader that always protects your glass slide from damage
* Diagnostic quality images produced at either 20x or 40x
* Automated 1D and 2D barcode detection
* Macro image captures a complete overview of the glass slide
* User-friendly software for multiple operators- limited training needed
* Scan the entire slide or a region of interest
* Compressed and uncompressed WebSlide formats available
* Images immediately transfer to a server for remote viewing within seconds of scanning
* Fluorescence filters included are FITC; Texas Red; Triple with FITC, Texas Red, & DAPI
* Z-plane focus available on Brightfield and Fluorescence slides
* No dark room need for Fluorescence scanning
* Reduces bleaching problems with Fluorescence slides
* All images are compatible with WebSlide Server Software and all WebSlide Viewers