Olympus OV110 Small Animal Imaging System

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Olympus OV110 Small Animal Imaging System

The OV110 is a new imaging system that allows researchers to observe fluorescent markers in live animals at the whole animal, organ, tissue, and single cell level, with a single optical instrument. The OV110 provides a 114:1 zoom ratio change and features superior optics for high resolution and efficiency of light collection. The OV110 integrates many basic needs of whole animal imaging including the removal of auto-fluorescence background and high performance in the NIR range up to 1000nm for fluorescence detection. The OV110 also allows the user to choose a CCD camera to meet the specific demands of their research i.e. high resolution, high speed, or low light sensitivity.

* High NA macro lens for low magnification, high light-gathering capacity
* 4-position objective turret using macro lenses and zoom lens for 114-fold magnification change
* Stabilized power supply for fluorescence illumination
* Magnification dependent light illumination paths for best result
* Four individual lenses parcentered and parfocal lenses
* Exchangeable excitation and emission filter turret
* Spectral unmixing and auto-fluorescence removal
* Automated XY stage for repositioning of animal or specimen scanning
* Choice of 2/3 inch CCD cameras optimized for application
* Experiment manager for reproducibility of experimental parameters
* Image data archive
* Anesthesia system and heating plate