Olympus Q-Color5/Q-Color3 Digital Cameras

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus Q-Color5/Q-Color3 Digital Cameras

Olympus offers the Q-Color5™ and the Q-Color3™ , megapixel digital color cameras that deliver high-resolution images with outstanding detail for documentation and publication. The Q-Color5 offers 5.0 megapixels and the Q-Color3 offers 3.2 megapixels. The Q-Color cameras offer a Real-Time-Viewing (RTV) mode that provides a 30 frames per second seamless viewing experience. Both cameras are easy to set up and operate, utilizing FireWire™ technology for rapid image transfer. The Q-Color™ cameras are also offered with cooling for more demanding low light imaging applications. Integrating one of the Q-Color digital cameras with one of the Olympus MicroSuite™ imaging software packages will provide a seamless environment where images can be captured, processed and analyzed. The Q-Color cameras are ideal for a broad range of scientific light microscopy applications, satisfying most microscopists' imaging requirements.

5-megapixel digital color camera utilizing FireWire technology. 2/3" Bayer color sensor with high 2580 x 1944 pixel resolution.

3.2 megapixel digital color camera utilizing FireWire technology. 1" x 1.8" (0.55") Bayer color sensor with high 2080 x 1542 pixel resolution.

Both Q-Color cameras include:

* 30/24 bit digitization and preview options
* 30 frames per second Real-Time-Viewing (RTV) mode
* Binning in color; up to 4x4 . . . ideal for rapid previews and focusing
* ROI selection for even faster frame rates
* Live histogram for optimizing dynamic range
* Live gain, offset, and zoom capabilities
* Auto white balance or live color balancing of individual red, green and blue color channels
* Optional cooled model with Peltier cooling to 10°C below ambient
* The included QCapture Suite™ software is an easy-to-use image capture program.
* The included QCapture Pro™ software offers more advanced acquisition and capture functions enabling optimization of the preview image.
* PC & Mac™ compatible
* TWAIN compliant driver with SDK available
* Compact camera head connects directly to the FireWire port on a Mac with a single cable (PC's require PC Cardbus IEEE 1394 FireWire hardware), eliminating benchtop clutter
* No framegrabber or power supply required - except with PC laptops