LG LMVH1750 Over The Range Microwave

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LG LMVH1750 Over The Range Microwave

Convection Over The Range

Convection Technology
With our convection microwave, you have all the convenience of a second oven. Now you can bake or roast all of your favorite foods in less time.

Sensor Cook Technology
Senses humidity inside the oven and automatically adjusts cook time and power appropriately. Once your food is thoroughly cooked, the microwave shuts itself off, reducing the risk of under or over-cooking.

Stainless Steel Interior
Not only does the stainless steel cavity add to the premium look of the oven, but the metal also conducts heat better than traditional painted metal microwave oven interiors.

* 1.7 cu.ft. Oven Capacity
* 950 Watts Microwave / 1500 Watts Convection
* Sensor Cook Technology
* Convection Bake
* Convection Roast
* Combination Speed Cook

Style and Design
* Premium Stainless Steel Finish
* Full Stainless Steel Interior
* Halogen Cooktop Lighting
* Elegant Top Vent