LG LMVM2075 Microwave Oven

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LG LMVM2075 Microwave Oven

2.0 cu.ft. Over the Range Oven

Radiant Blue Cavity
Always on the cutting edge of style, LG has taken the traditional white interior of the Over the Range Microwave and transformed it to a brilliant blue. Not only is it attractive, but it perfectly matches the interior of the LG Electric Range; complementing power with style, and
adding flair to your kitchen.

Glide & Cook Plus™
The Glide & Cook™ rectangular tray moves side to side, maximizing usable space and enabling even your large casserole dishes (up to 15" long) to fit comfortably. Glide & Cook Plus™ adds a traditional turntable that moves conventionally sized items back and forth while rotating simultaneously. This dual movement provides superior cooking performance and ensures that your food will be cooked thoroughly.

WideView™ Window
The oven's wide window makes it easy to view your food while cooking, and the horizontal keypad keeps the controls at eye-level and convenient to access.

Halogen Cooktop Lighting
Lighten up! Convenient halogen cooktop lighting not only illuminates your cooking space, but it does so with two bulbs that are even brighter than conventional incandescent bulbs.

* 2.0 cu.ft. Oven Capacity
* 1100 Watts
* Glide & Cook Plus™ Sliding Tray with Turntable
* Sensor Cook Technology
* Soften and Melt
* 300 CFM

Style and Design
* Available in Premium Stainless Steel Finish
* Radiant Blue Interior
* Horizontal Keypad
* WideView™ Window
* 2 Halogen Cooktop Lights
* Elegant Hidden Vent