SHARP R-1514 Microwave Oven

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-15
SHARP R-1514 Microwave Oven

Sharp's convenient Auto-Touch Control Panel is located behind the oven door; it's easy to reach and hidden from view. This microwave has clean lines and a larger cooking capacity - a 14 1/8 turntable - the largest turntable of ANY microwave in its class. With Smart & Easy™ sensor technology, cooking and reheating is a breeze! With 1000 watts of power, this microwave is as powerful as it is space-conscious!

Also available in Black: R-1510, White: R-1511 and Bisque: R-1512.


Large 14 1/8 inch diameter turntable is the largest turntable of any microwave oven in its class - for added capacity and versatility.

Sensor Cook Center includes 11 Smart & Easy sensor settings for the most popular microwaved foods. No need to set times or power levels - and no guesswork!

Interactive Cooking System with Custom Help includes options for English, Spanish or French.

Defrost Center quickly defrosts meats and poultry by weight. Specific program for each category assures excellent, even results.

Keep Warm Plus lets you keep hot food hot up to 30 minutes after cooking is finished with no loss of food quality.

Instant Action Keys save time and make microwaving easy! Touch once for each serving - up to eight. Oven starts automatically.

Capacity (cu.ft.): 1.5
Wattage: 1000
Color: Stainless: R-1514
Black: R-1510
White: R-1511
Bisque: R-1512
Outside Dimensions: 29 15/16" x 16 1/4" x 15 9/16" (w x h x d)
Automatic Settings: 19
Turntable Diameter: 14 1/8"
Defrost Options: Defrost Center
Display Type: 7-Digit, 2-Color, Lighted Display