SHARP R-8000G Commercial High Speed Oven

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-13
SHARP R-8000G Commercial High Speed Oven

The Commercial High Speed Oven brings the latest advances to the art of speed cooking. Now foods not only cook faster, they look great and retain their natural juices and flavors. Baked goods are evenly browned and crisp. Convenience foods are prepared quicker than ever before to satisfy customer demand. The Basic Cook options take foods from raw to cooked 2 to 5 times faster than conventional ovens. Imagine a pork tenderloin, browned and juicy, that cooked in approximately 15 minutes!


Automatic Settings include 60 preprogrammed settings for cooking convenience appetizers and snacks, meat, fish and poultry, as well as baked goods and a variety of raw foods to roast and grill.

Manual Options under SelectaProgram™ include High Speed Grill with and without microwave, Speed Grill with and without microwave, Normal Convection, Speed Bake, Speed Roast and Express Defrost.

Display 3-line, 30-digit, lighted display makes using the oven simple by explaining every step and providing helpful hints and tips.

Microwave Options include 11 power levels in SelectaPower™ as well as SelectaTime™.

Custom Help provides access to 6 features that make using the oven easy, including Sound On/Off, Refresh Cycle, Counter Check, Clear Counter, Memory Check and Demo Mode.

Memory Options allow the user to store 20 programs in memory for one-touch use later. Manual and automatic settings can be programmed into any of the memories.

Double/ Triple Quantity provides the optimum cooking time for additional servings. The user can adjust the multiplier for 1-3 servings.

Oven Ready On/Off allows the user to program the oven to maintain 300º F for 1 to 8 hours to shorten preheat time.

Capacity (cu.ft.): 1.1
Wattage: Microwave: 1000 Watts
Heaters: 2700 Watts
Top: 1500 Watts
Side 1200 Watts
Color: All Stainless
Turntable Diameter: 13" Porcelain Enamel
Outside Dimensions
(w x h x d): 21 5/8" x 16 1/2" x 23 1/4" (excluding handle)
21 5/8" x 16 1/2" x 25 1/4" (including handle)
Display Type: 3-Line, 30-Digit, Lighted
Automatic Settings: 17 Convenience Appetizers & Snacks, 16 Convenience Meats, Fish & Poultry, 10 Baked Goods and 17 Basic Cook settings = 60 total
Interior Dimensions
(w x h x d): 16 1/8" x 8 3/8" x 13 5/8"