Samsung SMH7185STG Microwave Oven

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Samsung SMH7185STG Microwave Oven

Have dinner ready in a snap! This stainless steel beauty offers convenient features like one-touch sensor technology which makes reheating and cooking fast and easy. It keeps its sleek, stylish look with hidden auto louvers that conceal the ventilation grilles and keeps your kitchen free from odors and steam with a powerful ventilation system. Enjoy beauty, power, and ease of use with the SAMSUNG SMH718STG microwave.

key specifications

* Microwave Type : Over - The - Range
* Capacity : 1.8 cu.ft.
* Power Source : 120 V / 60 Hz

smart cooking sensor
Make your life less complicated with the smart cooking sensor. No overcooking, no undercooking. Meals and snacks turn out just right. Get the results you want fast, without having to enter time, quantity or weight.

one touch sensor
SAMSUNG's One Touch Sensor controls make it easy to cook all of your microwave favorites at the touch of a button. There's no more need to program the serving size, weight and power levels. SAMSUNG's sensor technology makes microwave cooking fast and easy.

400 CFM vent fan
Imagine efficiently removing steam and cooking odors from your kitchen and still being able to carry on a conversation with your guests. SAMSUNG's 400 CFM ventilation fan is one of the most powerful and quietest on the market.

large 1.8 cu.ft. oven capacity
The 1.8 cu.ft. capacity is larger than that of conventional over the counter models. With its built-in turntable, feeding a hungry family is fast and easy.