Samsung SMH9151STE Microwave Oven

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Samsung SMH9151STE Microwave Oven

Quickly heat or defrost foods at the touch of a button. Streamline your kitchen by integrating this stainless steel beauty. The sleek finish and space-saving design make an impact in every kitchen. SAMSUNG microwaves are affordable, make cooking easy and hassle-free.

large 1.5 cu. ft. oven cavity
The large oven cavity with built-in turntable makes it easy to achieve superior cooking results.

electronic touch control
Easily program your desired cooking time and power level at just the touch of a button.

powerful and quiet vent fan
Imagine efficiently removing steam and cooking odors from your kitchen and still being able to carry on a conversation with your guests. SAMSUNG makes that possible with one of the most powerful and quietest vent fans on the market today.

auto defrost
Auto defrost considers the weight of the food being cooked. Simply select the weight and the oven does the rest.

Microwave Type: over the range
Product Features Capacity: 1.5 cu. ft.
Sensor Cooking: No
Cooking Power: 1000 W
Ventilation Power: 220 CFM
Charcoal Vent Filter: Yes
Power Levels: 10
Three-Stage Programmable Cooking: No (2 stage)
Auto Defrost: Yes
Power Consumption: 1580 W
Power Source: 120 V / 60 Hz
Microwave Distribution System: turntable and stirrer

Handy Helper
Preprogrammed recipes for easy and quick preparation for common recipe ingredients: No
Kids Meal: No

Snack Bar
Quick and easy cooking of favorite snacks (e.g. chicken wings, nachos, potato skin, cheese sticks): No
Convenience Features Chrome Rack: Yes
More / Less Time Adjustment: Yes
Kitchen Timer: Yes
Turntable: Yes
Turntable Diameter: 11.5"
End Signal: Yes

Vent Fan Control
Fan stage setting: high / low / off
Design/Style Color: stainless steel
Handles: STS
Controls Type: electronic touch control
Control Display: blue LED
Hidden Vent: No

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