Sharp R-CD2200M Heavy-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven

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Sharp R-CD2200M Heavy-Duty Commercial Microwave Oven

Sharp's new heavy-duty commercial microwave oven features Twin-Touch™ dual controls that are easy to reach whether you place the microwave on a high or low shelf. The compact footprint takes up less space, yet the larger interior capacity fits one 1/2-size pan in either direction or two 1/3-size pans. Built for durability and easy maintenance, it is ideal for the high-volume needs of fast food or full-service restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and cafeterias.

TwinTouch™ Dual Control Panel Design
makes it easy to reach the controls whether the microwave is placed on a high shelf or at countertop level.

Top and Bottom Microwave Energy Feed
for unparalleled performance in cooking, heating and defrosting. Motorized top and bottom stirrer antennas for even microwave distribution. Dual magnetrons designed for dependability and even heating.

Computerized Control Panels
have 10 programmable Memory pads that provide one second increment timing.

Stainless Steel Cabinet and Cavity
are an enduring investment in quality that stands up to high-volume demands. Heavy-duty grab handle offers easy access. Rubber-sealed ceramic shelf ensures ease of cleaning. Oven light and see-through door provide maximum visibility.

Manual and Memory Programming
has 10 pre-programmed Memory pads that easily convert up to 100 memories or can be programmed manually for special needs or times.

4-Stage Programming
enables user to begin heating at one power level and finish with another.

Stacking Option
makes the most efficient use of space. Comes with a mounting plate for easily securing one oven on top of another.

Select Power
provides 11 variable power levels for precise control. It's great for hard-to-heat foods.

Double/Triple Quantity Pads
automatically adjust to provide optimum heating times for two or three portions.

Express Defrost™
divides total defrosting time into 3 stages (using 3 power levels) for quick results.

Counter Check
keeps tabs on oven usage, "remembering" how often each feature is used and the number of manual uses.


Oven Controls: Dual Control Panels
Oven Capacity: 0.75 cu ft.
Output Power (IEC Procedure): 2200W
Frequency: 2450 MHz
Cabinet and Oven Interior: Stainless Steel
Memories: 10 Pre-programmed, 100 total
Double/Triple Quantity: Yes/Yes
Express Defrost™: Yes

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