BlackBerry 7520 Smartphone

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BlackBerry 7520 Smartphone

The BlackBerry® 7520 Wireless Handheld keeps you connected no matter where work or life takes you. Experience email, phone, browser, instant messaging, organizer applications and more in a single, integrated handheld.

The BlackBerry 7520 features complete functionality, including:

* Wireless email
* Organizer
* Browser
* Phone
* Corporate data access
* Long-range digital walkie-talkie
* Wireless Calendar
* Email, Phone, browser, text messaging (SMS†), instant messaging and organizer applications in a single, integrated handheld
* Long-range digital walkie-talkie feature
* Speakerphone
* Bluetooth® technology for hands-free voice communications
* GPS-enabled for location-based services
* Combine text and images in one message with Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
* Nationwide network support
* Ample memory for application and data storage
* PC-style, 33-key QWERTY keyboard
* Easy-to-use navigation trackwheel and intuitive menu interface
* Bright, backlit, 240x160 display supporting over 65,000 colors
* Java™ development platform based on open standards
* Integrated attachment viewing