BlackBerry 7730 Wireless Handheld Phone

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BlackBerry 7730 Wireless Handheld Phone

The BlackBerry 7730® Wireless Handheld includes phone, email, SMS, browser and organizer applications in a single wireless device. It features a Java™ development platform and a large, high-resolution display supporting over 65,000 colors.

The data and voice-enabled BlackBerry 7730™ features:

* Phone, email, SMS, browser, instant messaging and organizer applications in a single wireless handheld
* Large, high resolution screen to provide ample workspace
* Vibrant display supporting over 65,000 colours
* Available memory for application and data storage
* Java™ development platform based on open standards
* Integrated attachment viewing
* Exceptional battery performance
* Tri-Band handheld, operates on 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS wireless networks, allowing for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific


Features Available: Wireless Email; Phone and SMS; Corporate Data Access; Connected Organizer; Wireless Internet; BlackBerry Internet Service Instant Messaging; BlackBerry Messenger
Size: 4.76 x 3.03 x 0.71 inches / 12.1 x 7.7 x 1.8 cm (LxWxD)
Weight: 5 oz / 142 g
Keyboard: Backlit QWERTY keyboard
Trackwheel: Thumb-operated trackwheel
Phone: Integrated speaker and microphone, hands-free headset
Notification: Tone, vibrate, on-screen or LED indicator
User Interface: Intuitive icons and menus
Display: Vibrant display supports over 65,000 colors
Battery: Removable/rechargeable Lithium
Battery Life: Up to: 5 hours - talk time; 9 days - standby time
Memory: 16 MB flash memory plus 2 MB SRAM
Modem: Embedded RIM® wireless modem
Email Integration Options: Integrates with an existing enterprise email account
Integrates with an existing personal email account
Integrates with a new handheld email account
Includes BlackBerry Desktop Software: Supported by version 3.6 or higher
Works with BlackBerry Enterprise Server: Supported by:
* Version 2.1 or higher for Microsoft® Exchange
* Version 2.0 with Service Pack 2 or higher for IBM® Lotus® Domino®
* Version 4.0 or higher for Novell® GroupWise®
Handheld Security: Password protection and keyboard lock
Accessories Included: USB cradle for charging and PC synchronization; International travel charger; Swivel holster
Network: Tri-Band: 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS networks
Works In: US (1900 MHz);Canada (1900 MHz);Europe/Asia Pacific (900/1800 MHz)