BlackBerry 8705g Smartphone

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BlackBerry 8705g Smartphone

The BlackBerry® 8705g smartphone operates on the latest high-speed wireless networks, keeping you connected while on the go. Email, phone, web browsing, text messaging, organizer and full QWERTY keyboard—you'll get it all.

And, the BlackBerry 8705g smartphone lets you connect your laptop or PC to the Internet, using the device as a tethered modem—so you won't need to carry a wireless PC card.

The BlackBerry 8705g features complete functionality, including:

* Wireless email
* Organizer
* Browser
* Phone
* Corporate data access
* Wireless Calendar
* Powered by a precisely tuned combination of technologies and 64 MB of memory, the BlackBerry® 8705g smartphone lets you view attachments and graphics, browse the web and run applications effortlessly
* Access up to 10 supported business and/or personal email accounts — in one inbox
* View popular file formats (i.e. Word, Excel, Acrobat)
* Use the QWERTY keyboard to find letters and numbers as you would on your computer
* Large, dedicated Send, End and Mute keys, plus Convenience keys that let you choose the function
* The tethered modem capability lets you connect your laptop to the Internet via your BlackBerry smartphone*
* Provides loud, clear phone calls and intuitive call management features, including speed dialing and call forwarding
* Go hands-free and make conference calls easy—the built-in speakerphone delivers excellent sound quality
* Big, bright high-resolution screen optimizes lighting levels for ideal viewing indoors or out
* Combine text and images in one message with Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
* Assign specific polyphonic and MP3 ringtones to individual contacts
* Make safer calls on the road with the Bluetooth® hands-free headset and car kit
* Quad-Band network support on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM®/GPRS and EDGE* networks allows for international roaming between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific