BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Smartphone

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BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Smartphone

The BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8120 smartphone is designed to help you do everything you want with your life. It comes complete with advanced phone features, multimedia, digital camera, video recording, Wi-Fi capabilities and expandable memory.

And it offers the full BlackBerry experience — email, browser, text messaging (SMS and MMS), instant messaging, organizer applications and more. Small, smart and stylish.

The BlackBerry Pearl features complete functionality, including:

* Phone
* Email
* Text Messaging (SMS and MMS)
* Instant Messaging
* Web Browser
* Camera
* Media Player. Audio and video playback in a variety of formats
* Integrated address book, calendar, memo pad, task list
* 64 MB of memory and expandable memory via microSD card
* Dedicated Send, End and Mute keys, a pearl-like trackball navigation system, plus user definable convenience keys
* BlackBerry® Maps, the best way to find your way
* Speakerphone and Voice Activated Dialing
* SureType® keyboard technology in a QWERTY-style layout
* Bluetooth® capability for hands-free dialogue via headsets and car kits
* Integrated attachment viewing
* Compatibility with popular Personal Information Management (PIM) software
* High resolution, light sensing screen that adjusts lighting levels automatically for ideal indoor and outdoor viewing

For larger corporate and government organizations, the BlackBerry Pearl smartphone works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server to provide users and IT managers with:

* Advanced security features
* Wireless push delivery of email and data
* Secure access to Internet- and intranet-based applications
* Single mailbox integration
* Attachment viewing of popular file formats
* Wireless email reconciliation
* Wireless calendar synchronization
* Remote address book look-up
* And more