Garmin NavTalk Cell Phone

Garmin Updated: 2008-09-16 RSS
Garmin NavTalk Cell Phone

Garmin's NavTalk is the ultimate in outdoor survival gear: a combination analog cellphone and GPS receiver.

In addition to being a full-featured GPS receiver, NavTalk is a high-performance cellular phone with exceptional features such as touch-tone location reporting (including the ability to send your exact position and have it displayed on another unit), numeric paging, an electronic "phone book" capable of 100 entries, and intelligent security lock capability.

NavTalk's GPS position reporting shows exactly where you're calling from on a high-resolution backlit display, and the GPS receiver technology is the same patented high-performance twelve parallel channel receiver found in the world-renowned GPS III® Plus. The database comes complete with an extensive internal database including cities, plus millions of miles of roads and highways across the entire United States, Canada, and South America. You can also downloaded up to 1.44 MB of extra map data from Garmin's MapSource® products.

Finally, two proven technologies are combined for unmatched performance. NavTalk: It's the talk of the town.