Garmin NavTalk Pilot GPS Cell Phone

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Garmin NavTalk Pilot GPS Cell Phone

Two powerful technologies — GPS satellite navigation and cellular communication. Two distinct dimensions: air and land. One very smart unit: the NavTalk Pilot GPS cell phone. The NavTalk Pilot is the best of Garmin GPS and everything you ever wanted in a cell phone.

The NavTalk Pilot allows you to make and receive calls from the cockpit, from your car, from your boat, from home, from just about anywhere. A special mounting kit and external antenna allow the NavTalk Pilot to communicate through your audio panel on an approved system while airborne. It's an unconventional concept—using the same phone and phone number for ground-based and airborne communication.

Our alliance with AirCell®, an airborne cellular provider, makes this breakthrough technology possible. And we've made it practical, packing this compact unit with all the GPS navigation and cellular features pilots need. The NavTalk GPS receiver technology and software configuration are the same found on the GPS III® Pilot, complete with an extensive internal basemap including cities plus millions of miles of roads and highways. For added versatility, the NavTalk Pilot is also waterproof—in fact, submersible—so it's at home on the water, on the land, or in the air.

The NavTalk Pilot from Garmin: It works just as hard from the air as it does on land.

* Phone: In addition to its GPS functions, the NavTalk Pilot is a full-featured cell phone with an electronic phone book, numeric paging and ground-to-air, air-to-air and air-to-ground calling capabilities.

* Map: The NavTalk Pilot's basemap with Jeppesen® data shows airports, SUAs, cities, highways, railroads, rivers, and lakes on a four-level gray scale display. Optional MapSource® CD-ROMs provide even greater map detail, which you can download from your PC.

* Performance: Garmin's patented high-performance 12 parallel channel receiver gives you fast satellite acquisition and stays locked on to provide the finest accuracy possible under the most difficult conditions or maneuvers.

* Operation: The NavTalk Pilot is simple to operate whether it's mounted on the yoke or cradled in the palm of your hand. Dedicated function keys allow you to fly through its pilot-friendly operating software.