Kenwood TK-5210/5310 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio

Kenwood Updated: 2008-01-03
Kenwood TK-5210/5310 Public Safety Land Mobile Radio

The TK-5210/5310 premium, high specification, heavy-duty portables offer conventional FM and conventional P25 digital operation for present and future interoperability requirements for law enforcement, fire and emergency services. Available in a basic non-display, display and display with keypad models, the 16 Character LCD and controls provide an intuitive user interface simplifying P25 and FM operation for all user types. The P25 trunked option permits operation on local, regional and statewide Project 25 compliant networked systems. The extra large capacity and Zone programming facilitate departmental, inter-agency interoperability, mutual aid and tactical channel organization. Encryption /ANI control permits basic to high level voice security and dispatch functions satisfying homeland security and confidentiality requirements. Standardized DES-OFB and AES encryption options permits advanced secure interoperable voice communications. Emergency Call and Man-Down for hazardous environment and jail/corrections personnel is supported for P25, FleetSync and MDC-1200/G-Star options.

General Features

• 5W (136 - 174 MHz)
• 4W (450 - 520, 380 - 470 MHz)
• 50 Zones / 512 Channels
• Personality Lists
• Conventional FM / Conventional & Trunked P25 Digital
• FM Analog & P25 Digial Conventional (Standard)
• P25 Digitaal Trunking (Optional)
• DES 16-Key Secure Encryption Module Option
• AES FIPS 140-2 & DES 16-Key SCM Option
• Emergency Feature Set
• Voice Annunciation
• Tactical Group
• Immersion Option (MIL-STD 512.X, IP66/67)
• FleetSync® I/II
• Intrinsically Safe Options
• Easy Option Port

Other Features

• MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F
• IP54/55 Water & Dust Protection
• VOX Ready
• Advanced LCD & Controls
• Enhanced Kenwood Audio
• Windows Programming & Tuning